Zaterdag 11 mei 2024
10.00 - 18.00 uur

Landgoed de Horst, Driebergen


Programme of the day


Welcome with coffee and tea
Opening presentation
First round of workshops
Tea break
Second round of workshops
Plenary closing
Networking drink
‍End community day


The Share the Power community day is aimed at people with HIV, their partners, friends, family members and other involved parties. Tickets are € 10,00. If you aren’t able to join the programme until later in the day, that’s not a problem. The registration for Share he Power is in Dutch. If you need help just call Volle Maan: 020 524 60 96 (between 9.00 - 17.00). Or send an e-mail to

Discounts for people with limited spending power

If you have limited spending power, you can get a half-price admission ticket. So, you only pay € 5,00. Don’t let lack of money stop you from coming. You can also get a contribution to your travel expenses. Just call Volle Maan: 020 524 60 96 (between 9.00 - 17.00). Or send an e-mail to

Pay extra so others can participate at a discount

If you can afford it, you can demonstrate your solidarity with others by paying half of their ticket price. When ordering, you can indicate that you want to pay € 5,00 extra. This allows someone on a limited budget to get a half-price ticket.

Do you have any questions about registering for Share the Power?

Call Volle Maan: 020 524 60 96 (between 9.00 - 17.00). Or send an e-mail to

Free professional childcare

Free professional childcare is available for children up to 12 years old. Children under 12 years old do not need an admission ticket, but it is very important that you register your child for childcare.

Workshop overview

We offer many different workshops at Share the Power. The first round of workshops starts at 13:00 and the second round of workshops starts at 14:45. Each workshop lasts for 75 minutes. You can choose which workshops you want to participate when you register. The sooner you do it, the more choice you have! The workshops offered in English are listed below.

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4. The power of breathing

Breathing is a connection between your body and your mind. Breathing coach Ruben Oude Rikmanspoel shares the knowledge on how to use your breathing as a remote control for your body. This is how you can influence the immune system. (Are you pregnant or suffering from epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart andvascular disorders? Then participation in this workshop is not recommended).
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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5. Women’s Health

A workshop specifically about women's health and HIV. A female HIV specialist and a female HIV nurse talk about whether HIV treatment for women differs from that of men? Do some side effects occur more, or less, frequently in women? What happens during the menopause? Can you do anything to combat osteoporosis and fatigue? How can you give birth safely to a healthy baby? Can you breastfeed?
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL en ENG

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7. Wellness for the soul

Treat yourself to this mini-retreat. Walk in silence, enjoy recognition, good wishes for yourself and another. The workshop is for everyone. After this workshop you will return with new energy to your daily life. The workshop is given by spiritual counselor Everdien Hagen of the ShivA foundation.
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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8. Humor and selfacceptance

With a smile on your face, life looks very different. Together with Karlijn and Arline from the Mara Foundation you will discover and learn about the usefulnessof humor. How can you use humor to make the unbearable bearable again and to love yourself again? During the workshop you will share experiences.
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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9. Medical update

Anne Wensing, HIV internist and researcher UMCU gives an update on medical research. What are the differences between women and men?  What are the latest developments in the field of (research into) HIV cure. What can we expect in the near future?
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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11. Just dance!

Dancing is good for your body and also for the mind. It helps you to de-stress from a busy week or to forget all your troubles. Dance along with Tim! With different styles of music we make different small choreographies. During this dance aerobics inspired workshop, we will search for inner superstar. Dance like no one is watching. No experience with dance? No problem, FUN is the only word that counts.
Workshop round 1 | NL en ENG 

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12. Cheerleading

Have you always wanted to be a cheerleader and dance with pompoms? Then this is your chance! The cheerleading workshop contains elements of gymnastics, acrobatics and hip hop dance. Everyone can participate. You are working out and you have to team up. So wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes and dance along!
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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13. Glitter up!

Life is a party, but you have to add a little sparkle yourself. Fardad, like many of us, has faced a few challenges, but he is a master at going through life gracefully and shiny. Could you use some extra sparkle in your life? Fardad will help you on your way. May you see the sparkles everywhere long after today.
Workshop round 1 | ENG  

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14. Walk with pride

During this workshop, you will design your own pride T-shirt or banner. What should be on it? What does the world need to know about HIV? Express yourself! The workshop will be led by Gerben.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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16. Speed Dating Plaza

Wait, stop, don't swipe left: at the Speed Dating Plaza, meeting people and friendship come first. Step up to someone you don't know. You may have found the love of your life a long time ago, but meeting new people is always fun. In one hour, you'll get to know six people, and maybe even a new friendship-for-life. Speed Dating Plaza takes place in the Positive Lounge.
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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18. Write your mind

Write and get to know yourself better: the exceptionally talented spoken word artist Margo van de Linde helps you to get your story on paper. Start small and end big. And maybe you will dare to recite your story?
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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19. Positive Lounge

At the positive lounge you will be welcomed by the gentlemen of Poz&Proud. You can just sit or chat. If you want to relax go to one of the masseurs and feel supportedby the massage chair. Meanwhile, your back, shoulders, neck, arms and head will get a massage with attention.
Workshop round 1 and 2

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