The Hiv Vereniging (Dutch Association of People with HIV) is an organisation for everyone in the Netherlands with HIV. This includes people who don’t speak Dutch. Over the years we have tried to include these people more in our activities and we welcome them to Share the Power. We are planning several workshops, available in English or focused on key populations who don’t speak Dutch.

Programme of the day


Complimentary coffee and tea on arrival
Opening presentation
First round of workshops
Tea break
Second round of workshops
Shared conclusion of the workshops
A drink to round it off
End community day

Opening program 10:30 - 12:00


The chairman of the HIV Vereniging, Bertus Tempert, and Tomas Derckx, communications officer, welcome you. Keep your smartphone handy for a small anonymous poll.

Medical update

HIV practitioner Tania Mudrikova and nurse specialist Inge de Kroon (UMC Utrecht) tell us in understandable language the most important developments in HIV treatment.

Update on a cure for HIV

Microbiologist Anne Wensing (UMC Utrecht) briefly talks about the latest research into a cure for HIV.

Share the Power

Bertus Tempert and Tomas Derckx start a conversation with people from the community about living with HIV. How do you deal with a wish to have children? How is dating with HIV? Have you been able to give your diagnosis a place? By sharing experiences we break the taboo and we get the chance to learn from each other.


The Share the Power community day is aimed at people with HIV, their partners, friends, family members and other involved parties. Tickets are € 10,00. If you aren’t able to join the programme until later in the day, that’s not a problem. The registration for Share he Power is in Dutch. If you need help just call Juliette Kuling at Volle Maan: 020 524 60 90. Or send an e-mail to

Discounts for people with limited spending power

If you have limited spending power, you can get a half-price admission ticket. So, you only pay € 5,00. Don’t let lack of money stop you from coming. You can also get a contribution to your travel expenses. Just call Juliette Kuling at Volle Maan: 020 524 60 90. Or send an e-mail to

Pay extra so others can participate at a discount

If you can afford it, you can demonstrate your solidarity with others by paying half of their ticket price. When ordering, you can indicate that you want to pay € 5,00 extra. This allows someone on a limited budget to get a half-price ticket.

Do you have any questions about registering for Share the Power?

Call or e-mail Juliette Kuling: 020 524 60 90 or

Do you have questions about HIV?

Contact the Servicepunt (ServiceDesk) at the Hiv Vereniging: or 020 689 25 77 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14:00 to 22:00.

Free professional childcare

Free professional childcare is available for children up to 12 years old. Children under 12 years old do not need an admission ticket, but it is very important that you register your child for childcare. For teens between 12-20 there are 2 workshop in Dutch: YouTube, alle ins en outs and TikTok, let’s dance!

Workshop overview

We offer many different workshops at Share the Power. The first round of workshops starts at 13:00 and the second round of workshops starts at 14:45. Each workshop lasts for 75 minutes. You can choose which workshops you want to participate when you register. The sooner you do it, the more choice you have! The workshops offered in English are listed below.

Corona measures
When organizing Share the Power, we adhere to the corona measures that apply on May 14, 2022. In general: stay home if you have symptoms, and we recommend doing a self-test. We assume that the Community Day can continue. If the corona measures are getting more strict, we will look for an appropriate solution and keep you informed.

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1. Sing your heart out

In this workshop, Gerben Grimmius helps you to discover your sound. It doesn’t matter whether you sing your heart out or you think you can’t sing at all. Using vocal warm-ups and breathing techniques, we work on a song that we all sing together at the end of the afternoon. Singing brings everyone together and gives you energy and strength!
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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6. Jamaican-style dancing for beginners 

We are introduced to the dancehall dances of Jamaica! Perry Dossett leads this workshop. Perry has carried on dancing even though he's had HIV for over 30 years. He trained as a dancer at a Fame school in New York when he was 19 years old.
Workshop round 1 | NL and ENG

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7. Anti-taboo and stigma theatre

Veronica van de Kamp makes educational films for the African community in her role as producer at Stichting GAM, the Ghanaian drama production group. The films are broadcast on GAM TV. This English-language workshop uses theatre to combat the taboos around HIV.
Workshop round 1 | NL and ENG  

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10. Trans care and HIV care

Throughout the workshop, Lya Jewad from Trans United Europe discusses what it's like for a multicultural transgender to have HIV. Her presentation covers topics such as stigma, sex work and resilience.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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11. Together we carry 

We discuss what it's like for women living with HIV. What does HIV mean to you? What other challenges do you encounter in life? How does HIV impact your life and how do you deal with it? Karlijn and Arlene from Stichting Mara lead this workshop, which focuses on the social and community aspects faced by women living with HIV.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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12. Your health as a positive woman 

A workshop specifically about women's health and HIV. Female HIV specialist Tania Mudrikova from the UMC (University Medical Centre) Utrecht and a female HIV nurse talk about whether HIV treatment for women differs from that of men? Do some side effects occur more, or less, frequently in women? What happens during the menopause? Can you do anything to combat osteoporosis and fatigue? How can you give birth safely to a healthy baby? Can you breastfeed? 
Workshop round 1 | NL and ENG  

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14. Positive lounge

Just sit down and relax. There is tea, there is coffee. You can do some reading, or catch up with someone. Volunteers from the Hiv Vereniging (Dutch Association of People with HIV) give you a warm welcome. There is no formal discussion. Take it easy!
Workshop round 1 and 2| NL and ENG  

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15. Feeling at home?!

People with Western and non-Western backgrounds meet and get to know each other better. We share experiences in a happy, relaxed atmosphere: when, where and with whom do you feel welcome and comfortable? Share your dreams: imagine a situation in which everyone feels comfortable with each other. Share ideas: what do you need and what minor steps can you take to achieve this? We'd like to bring this dream a little closer. Everdien Hagen and Liako Lekhooa from ShivA lead the workshop.
Workshop round 1 | NL and ENG  

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16. HIV – So what?!           

Does having HIV make you feel ill at ease? Do you want to take a step forward? Take part in this workshop to find out how you can come to terms with HIV, turn it into something positive and feel in a stronger position. So that you too can say: HIV – so what?! The workshop is given by John and Marrik, both volunteers at the Hiv Vereniging.
Workshop round 1 and 2| NL and ENG  

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17. Goodbye stigma! How can you utilise your openness?

An interactive workshop, in which Sander van Oorspronk − Hiv Vereniging board member, and Marjolein Annegarn − HIV activist, talk about subjects like stigma and mental health. They share their stories candidly, and there will be ample opportunity to share your own story as well. 
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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18. Online dating, straight edition

Edwin and Tomas from the Hiv Vereniging deal with various topics in their discussion on the subject of online dating for heterosexuals. Topics addressed are: online websites, how to switch effortlessly from online to offline, how to deal with rejection, how to guard your privacy and how to deal with partners, family, friends and your new date’s children. Share your experiences and join the conversation.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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19. Online dating, queer edition

Bas and Tomas from the Hiv Vereniging provide you with tools and motivation to enter the world of online dating. What kind of online dating suits you best? How do you deal with privacy? How do you set your own boundaries and safeguard them? How do you deal with rejection? How and when do you switch from online to in-person dating? You get tips and tricks. You exchange information and talk to each other in small groups throughout the workshop.
Workshop round 1 | NL and ENG  

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20. Use your HIV status for volunteer work

Perhaps you're interested in volunteer work or you want to support other people with HIV. Then this workshop is made for you. Hiv Vereniging volunteers help you to discover how you can use your HIV status and turn it into a strength. What is its plus point and what can it do for you? Should you be open about your status? How do you set your boundaries? What are your options (think of various roles, practical contribution and responsibility)? What support does the Hiv Vereniging offer? All these questions will be answered in this workshop.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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21. HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

In this workshop, we offer Eastern European and Central Asian people with HIV a safe space to share their experiences and reflect on living with HIV. We also provide information about living with HIV in the Netherlands and we tell you what the Hiv Vereniging can do to support you. In addition, we take a look at activism and we work together towards a common goal. The workshop is led by Henk-Jan, Vladimir, Szymon, Michal and Julia. Topics covered are: living with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, stigma, migration, and provision of information.
Workshop round 2 | NL and ENG  

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22. Boost your immune system

Does the way you breathe affect your health and the functioning of your immune system? Ruben Oude Rikmanspoel shares the theory of how you can use your breathing to remotely control your body: how you can influence your immune system. Participation in this workshop is not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from epilepsy, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. 
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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23. Mental health problems: what can you do about them?

People with HIV often have undiagnosed mental health problems. What kind of complaints are we talking about and when is it good to talk about them? They are often treatable. What can you do yourself and when do you ask for help? This workshop is given by Marieke Been (community mental health nurse) and Brand Coumou (psychologist, psychotherapist and sex expert), who are both from the GGZ inGeest (mental healthcare). This consists of a presentation, an exercise and the chance to ask questions and to swap stories with each other.
Workshop round 1 and 2 | NL and ENG  

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